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quote Vietnamese rice paper rolls were delicious 😋 Bun and pho was so tasty and worth it! U can dine in or takeaway and picnic outside 👍🏻

Rolld - 90 South St

Jasie - in the last week

quote Amazing food! Amazing value! The place doesn't look like much, but food was excellent. $6 lunch special laksa was outstanding. Highly recommended

Lee Palace - 379 Canning Hwy

Aleks - 2 months ago

quote Ok so I had posted the below review a couple years ago and it is still valid however I do still get kebabs from Mekan. They do make a good kebab and they are the only place in the area open late that isn't fast food chain BS. These days I only order the chicken with cheese and garlic sauce that way I always know what I'm getting. Overall they do make a great Kebab and I would recommend them! Below review 2018- Please check your kebab to ensure that they are giving you the meat you have ordered. Twice I have ordered and paid extra for a steak kebab and they have purposely given me the cheap doner meat. I find Doner meat to be disgusting and will not eat it. The first time it happened i had already arrived at home and I wasn't able to return it. The second time I was sure to check my kebab and I demanded a refund upon which they tried to argue with me about what is doner meat and what is steak, trying to say they are both the same thing but for some reason they charge extra for steak.

Mekan Kebab - 17c Marshall Rd

JacobMatan - 2 months ago

quote Amazing service and fantastic food. Such a great concept and will definitely be coming back.

The Leaf Indian Restaurant - 663 Newcastle St

Serena DR - 4 weeks ago

quote I can not recommend them enough. The food is amazing and piping hot on delivery. They are my go to peeps almost weekly. Give them a try, they won't let you down.

Wais Chinese Restaurant - 10/620 N Lake Rd

Darrilyn de San Miguel - 2 months ago
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