TassieBites is Australia’s only 100% independently owned and operated online ordering system for restaurants and their customers.  We started back in 2013 with one simple objective: to offer a highly affordable and effective online ordering system for restaurants and their customers.


In the past seven years, we have achieved just that. We now have thousands of restaurants and customers using our services all over Australia, through both tuckerfox.com.au and our tassiebites.com.au (in Tasmania). We have also successfully expanded internationally into New Zealand and Malaysia.


As a local, family-owned business, our customers’ needs are always at the forefront of what we do. Whether it is offering the latest technology, delivering new products and services or getting a restaurant up and running online, we are here to help. TuckerFox Group is headquartered in regional Victoria and we have support staff working throughout the country.


How are we different?


Much has been said about the questionable business practices of our competing online food service companies. They are accused of profiteering and charging unsustainable fees to restaurants and providing unsatisfactory online ordering experiences to customers.   We not only operate differently at TuckerFox Group – our ethos is different.


We do not charge restaurants the excessive charges and commissions of some competing providers. Instead we charge reasonable rates and focus on web strategies that promote the brand of individual restaurants and the type of food they offer.  We provide personalised, one-on-one services to the businesses and customers we work with.  To us, the people we work with are just that: people. They are not merely a takeaway order number.


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Our people:


TuckerFox Group was founded in 2013 by best mates, Tristan Young and James Oldland. Tristan and James, who have known each other since high school, got together in the summer of 2013 and lamented the boredom of their corporate 9-5 careers.


Tristan, having recently returned from a trip around South America, told James about the growing online ordering food market overseas, and how easy it was to go online to get fresh, delicious takeaway food delivered to your home.


James, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” and food lover was immediately taken by the idea. Both guys immediately went about researching the technology, the trends and how their business could work.


The pair soon brought in their university mate and “IT whiz”, Yavuz Gunay, to help them build a secure, simple and streamlined online ordering system that would best serve Australia restaurants.

Seven years later, TassieBites is still owned and operated by its original owners – we have no external investment or large corporate involvement. Each of the founders work across every level of the business seven days a week. It’s one of the factors that keep us truly independent and able to continue offering our customers the best, high-quality service.


James Oldland


With a background in finance across both banking and the public and private sectors, James always dreamt of taking his managerial and business skills and running his own business.


A self-described “ideas man”, James loves nothing more than taking a business idea and turning it into a profitable, well-run company. Working to build a successful company with his best mate, Tristan Young, has been a dream seven years in the making.


Delivering fresh, delicious food to customers is a goal of James, as is helping restaurant owners build their online profile and grow their businesses.

He manages then close-knit team TuckerFox Group Headquarters in regional Victoria.


In his spare time James enjoys playing golf and spending time with his young family.


Tristan Young


Tristan has a background in sales, tourism and the pharmaceutical industry. With a deeply engrained love of the outdoors and adventure, Tristan always dreamt of running his own business and not being tied to a traditional 9-5 job.


TassieBites began as an idea in Tristan’s head as he travelled throughout South America in 2012. The popularity of online food ordering had gathered momentum overseas and was yet to be realised in Australia. 

Tristan returned to Victoria and took the idea to his best mate James, who he knew had the business acumen to help him turn the proposal into a business.


Like James, Tristan has a passion for fresh, delicious takeaway food. Tristan works with TuckerFox Group’s support staff in training and management.


In his spare time he enjoys photography, cycling and surfing and spending time with his young family.


Yavuz Gunay


Yavuz has a background in software development in the banking industry. Like a pro surfer seeking the perfect wave, Yavuz is constantly striving to perfect the technical capability of the TuckerFox software platform.


James and Tristan quickly realised that Yavuz was an important addition to the team. Together the 3 partners own and operate TuckerFox Group.


Yavuz brings a wealth of technical knowledge and works closely with all TuckerFox staff as process improvement and new solutions are always high on the agenda.


Recently married, he enjoys carving the winter slopes snowboarding and holidaying with friends and family.