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quote Spectacular fresh food, lovely staff, never had a bad experience. A great array of tasty condiments. Today I had a lemongrass chicken salad with shredded cabbage and carrot, a tangy dressing, fresh lemon, bursts of mint throughout. 10/10.

Bun Vermicelli - Shop 4, 389 Fullarton Rd

Harry - a month ago

quote The food is delicious. The service is also good. If the restaurant environment were neater, it would be even better.

Dumpling Go Go - 225 Main N Rd

Lu Liu - 11 months ago

quote Good Pho U on Kensington Road, across from the Errindale Shopping Centre has been here for some time, but the first time I've managed to pop in for some early dinner. The rare beef pho comes highly recommended, but I opted for the Lemon Grass Chicken with Broken Rice. It came with nuoc mam dipping sauce and a clear chicken broth - ala Hinanese chicken rice (style), and was delicious. Prices were on par with other Vietnamese restaurants in the inner suburbs, but expensive when rated against Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnamese populated areas, but I guess this is to be expected. The shop looked like it pumped out some seriously great tasting food, but it looked somewhat dirty. There was no discernible menu for me to find, so I had to ask if they did chicken rice. I decided to eat in and sat next to one of a number of uncleaned tables with buzzing flies, it was late afternoon, and it wasn't like the place was busy, they should be cleaning tables. Additionally, they don't bring the meal to the table, they just yell when your order is ready and you go up and collect it, along with your cutlery and uncovered, dry and fly buzzed condiments. The food was really good, however, the restaurant felt unclean and clearing tables should be a priority, as it's the very first thing you notice when you walk in - extra stars off! Below average for cleanliness, good food.

Good Pho U - 370G Kensington Rd

Mark Mywords - a week ago

quote Some of the best Vietnamese food in Adelaide. Also the price is worth the amount they give on the plate. I love how the place is clean and there’s enough room for leg space unlike over restaurants in the area. People are quite nice apart from one lady she seems to alway get in our way and and always talking in a wierd way. I think she’s from the Vietnamese restaurant as we used to go there too.

Son Huy Vietnamese Rest - 197 Hanson Rd

O - a year ago

quote The most authentic singaporean food i can find in adelaide 🥺 homely family run business. May not be the place with the nicest decor but it doesn’t matter as the food makes up for it ☺️

5 Stones Singapore Kitchen - 542 Greenhill Rd

Angelyn Khong - 4 months ago

quote This place is amazing!! It was our first time there. The service was A1. Remarkable to say the least. Honest and supported us in what to eat. It was simply delicious. It was my birthday so the nicest present from my husband who loved it too!! The price is excellent too!! Thank you soooo much for making my day. We will be back soon and bringing a friend 😃 😊🙏❤️

At Thai Restaurant (Goodwood) - 580 Goodwood Rd

Sandy McNeill - 3 months ago