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Our Customer Reviews

Very good pizza and friendly staff highly recommended.

Eastwood Pizza - Shop 4, 102-106 Canterbury Road

Sg Khh - 5 months ago

Our fave pizza place. The dough is amazingly light and not heavy. The ingredients are fresh and the range of pizzas on the menu is awesome. Always such a busy shop but the staff are always so friendly even on such busy nights. We have tried many pizza places but don't go anywhere else after finding Knead It. Best pizza in the area by far!

Knead it Burger Bar - 17 The Mall

Jac C (gamezrok) - 2 months ago

Finally a Pizza place with the right amount of toppings and a great pizza base. Pricing is a bit on the premium side, but the pizza itself is a premium pizza. Great for those days where you want a great quality pizza instead of a pizza with a whole heap of quantity to it. I will be definitely going again.

Knead it Burger Bar Mt Waverley - 173 Waverley Rd

MW “MW” - 2 months ago

Good food, good service, reasonable prices.

Ming Pavilion - 44 Brice Ave

Rosemary Gadsby - 2 months ago

At first I was a bit sceptical about the price ( sweet and sour pork and a small fried rice $32.60 ) When i got home and saw the portions ( easily enough for three people ) and tasted the food I was completely satisfied . The pork portions were crispy and the sauce had onion capsicum and pineapple in it . Unfortunately couldn't finish it but that's what microwaves are for . Highly recommend .

Peking Duck Dynasty - 106 Main St

Bruce Anderson - a week ago

The food is nice. The staff are nice, although it seems that they do not have much experience (understandable as we been for lockdown for months). The timing for serving all the food at the same time to a table of 6, was not that great. They even forgot one plate out of 6. But, the manager/owner apologized for that error, by not charging for that particular plate. So taking all the mistakes away and the serving timing....Overall a good little place for dinner. Reasonable price and very tasty dishes.

Thai Chaiyo Restaurant - 24A Hewish Rd

FERNANDO CUCE - a month ago